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Your donations allow us to continue to provide free & quality healthcare services to most vulnerable people across Pakistan without any discrimination. Together we can alleviate the sufferings of needy people and their families by supporting their Medical & Surgical treatment.

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Saidaa bibi
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Saida’s Open-Heart Surgery

A small donation can help her live a healthy life again. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Saidaa’s ... [Read More]

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$ 3,338.55 Required
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Mehmood Ali pre image
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Mehmood’s Arthroscopy 

Restore the smile on Mehmood's face. We request you to please donate for Mehmood’s Arthroscopy as much as you can... [Read More]

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$ 1,282.79 Required
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Muhammad Sanan
Zakat Eligible

Sanan’s Open Heart Surgery

A deadly congenital disease is threatening to snatch Sanan’s childhood and future away from him. He doesn’t eve... [Read More]

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Aman Ali
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Aman’s Heart

We are determined to help him. But, this will not be possible without your support. We urge you to donate for Aman... [Read More]

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Medical Procedures

Muhammad Waqas
Zakat Eligible

Donate for Waqas’s Prosthesis

This will not be possible without your donations. We urge you to donate for Waqas’s Prosthesis without any delay.... [Read More]

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$ 600.62 Required
$ 88.84 Raised
Adeel Qasim
Zakat Eligible

Adeel’s Above Knee Prosthesis

A roadside tragedy changed his life forever. Muhammad Adeel, a thirty-three-year-old resident of Layyah, has been e... [Read More]

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Sher Nazwaz
Zakat Eligible

Sher Nawaz awaits Prosthesis Placement

As, Sher Nawaz awaits Prosthesis Placement, we urge you to please contribute as much as you can to play your part i... [Read More]

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$ 600.65 Required
$ 220 Raised
Shakir Hussain
Zakat Eligible

Shakir Hussain awaits Prosthetic Leg

As, Shakir Hussain awaits Prosthetic Leg, we urge you to please be generous with your donations for his prosthesis... [Read More]

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